Lux Payband
Contactless NFC Payments

Lux Stellar Payband is one of the world’s first wristbands wallets for making contactless cryptocurrency payments with Stellar Lumens and all Stellar tokens including our custom Payband Coin (PYBC) fueling our events ecosystem. Custom tokens may also be created and used for an unlimited number of ecosystems needing to simplify ticketing, logistics, registration and more! Including but not limited to festivals, conferences, logistics, merchant services, hospitality, tourism and more. The contactless payment system will include a point of sale (POS) mobile scanner and management system for accepting cryptocurrency payments. Our technology initially designed as a cashless wristband crypto payment system for fairs, festivals, concerts and events has expanded to include uses for merchant exchange of goods and services, customer loyalty programs, logistics management and the tourism & hospitality industries.  Patent Pending.

Fast Payments: transactions process worldwide in 4 to 5 secs.

Fraud Reduction:
Eliminates charge back fraud.

Low fees: Low transactions fees to send tokens and lumens.

Merchant & Event Payments: Cashless payment systems for ease of use.