How it works

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Lux Payband. Contact us below for more information.

We embrace the mission oF providing access to low cost financial services helping to fight poverty

Lux payband

One of the world’s first contactless cryptocurrency wristbands and point of sale (POS) management systems for making payments. Enabling the exchange of goods and services for cryptocurrencies. Currently in use with Stellar Lumens and all tokens. Used for festivals, merchants, tourism & hospitality and logistics. Also used to create customizable customer loyalty programs. Expanding to more blockchains.



Pairing your Lux Payband is simple. First, locate your ID# (Identifier Number) that comes with your wristband. Second, click the pairing tab on our site and create an account with your email. Lastly, input your ID# and wallet information. You are paired. Reminder: all information is encrypted. 


Pos SOFTware

Lux Payband POS Software is required to scan wristbands. So order the software and hardware and get started. Includes:  


First load up your crypto wallet connected to your Lux Payband. Next, scan your band with our POS app or hardware. Then, input your security code and the merchant completes the transaction exchanging goods or services. 




We took great care with security. First, all keys are encrypted helping thwart data compromises. Second, our systems are protected by an industry top firewall with SSl certificate encryption. Lastly, all Lux Payband owners create a 4 digit pin to authorization all transactions.




Wallet pairing keys are encrypted within our system and are not stored detering data compromises. We are also behind industry standard firewalls and have protected SSL certificate encryption. 




Lux Payband POS Management system enables merchants to accept Stellar Lumens and all Stellar tokens as payment. More blockchains will be added for payments. Simply acquire the POS Software and/or hardware and start accepting wristband contactless payments for crypto curriences. Hardware runs on Windows 10 and our software is an application. 


fesitvals & EVEnts

Lux Payband is also a cashless payment  wristband and POS system for festival and events. Get Lux Payband payment system integrated into your festival. As cashless payment systems increased sales by up to 20% while also cutting down wait times.




Payband Coin (PYBC) is the fuel for the ecosystem. Bands will be offered up to 50% off when using PYBC to make purchases. Fees eligible for discount Includes: wristbands, hardware, software, crypto listing fees, festival and event service fees.