Earn $PYBC rewards on Litemint NFT’s

Introducing our new Litemint AQUA NFT rewards program. Earn PYBC rewards on your purchase of participating Litemint NFT’s. PYBC rewards are distributed daily. First, vote for the AQUA/PYBC pair in the Aquarius platform. Votes must remain locked for the duration of the lock period to receive rewards. Second, select an NFT from above and place a bid on the artwork. Lock periods are 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 or 360 days. Lock periods are listed in the title #7, #14, #21 etc. The bid amount will determine your total rewards amount. All rewards end after the lock period. AQUA votes must remain locked for the duration of the lock period to receive daily rewards. Third, create a trustline to PYBC. Then sit back and stack your PYBC rewards.

After rewards expiration, you’re still the owner of some cool artwork to hold, gift or sell! All NFTs purchased are original Litemint artist works, and actual stills captured at festivals where LUX Payband contactless payment system is utilized. Including the Chicago Food Truck Festival; Chicago Margarita Festival; Michigan City Food Truck Festival, Chicago Old Fashioned Festival and more! 

We also welcome all Litemint NFT artist interesting in participating in our Litemint AQUA NFT PYBC rewards program. For more information:

Payband Coin (PYBC) is the utility token and rewards token issued by the LUX Stellar Payband payment system. PYBC fuels the events, games, merchant, and rewards ecosystem by creating demand through actual contactless payment utility and innovation.

All Litemint offer prices are welcomed. If your offer is accepted, all PYBC rewards will be based on the accepted sales price. We use lobstr to set all prices. PYBC rewards are daily. Rewards are distributed to the Litemint owner wallet address on the ledger making them transferrable.

We assume no responsibility for lost wallets or secret keys or lack of not providing trustlines. 

PYBC token distribution amount is fixed at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to change and or stop the rewards program at any time. As rewards are meant to incentive buying of Litemint NFTs and to support the AQUA project. Reward rates may be periodically adjusted. All PYBC tokens may be redeemed in any of the applicable ecosystem events.