Payband Coin (PYBC)

Payband Coin (PYBC) is the token issued by the Lux Stellar Payband crypto payment system and runs on the Stellar Network. Payband Coin fuels the ecosystem creating demand through actual utility and innovation.

THE Problem

Most coins and tokens have little to no actual utility. Thus, creating speculative assets, at best, oppose to coins and tokens that have real world use cases. 

  • Lack of Utility
  • Speculative Assets 
  • No Real Use Case
Percentage of ICO's lacking Use Cases
Lacks Use Cases 90%
Red Flags in all ICO's
Flags 19%
Percentage of ICO's Failed in 2017
Flags 47%

payband coin utility & use cases.

Payband Coin (PYBC) fuels the Lux Stellar Payband ecosystem that enables contactless cryptocurrency payments. Where people, merchants, festival and events and multiple industries may use the cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens and tokens in exchange for goods and services. More blockchains to be added. Lux Payband successfully beta tested at the Chicago Food Truck Festival as a cashless payment system. Select guests were able to purchase beverages with Stellar Lumens. Lux Stellar Payband has partnered with festivals and curated events seeing more than 3.5 million guests annually. The payband payment system may also be used to create loyalty programs, coordinate logistics and uses by the tourism and hospitality industries. It is as simple as pairing a wristband and downloading the POS software for use and start exchanging cryptos for goods and services with a wristband.

payband coin discounts for usage

All Lux Stellar Payband hardware, software, listing fees, festival and event service fees may be paid with PYBC for up to 50% off fees. Furthermore, PYBC will be used by Lux Paybands at partnered large scale festivals.  



People, merchants and events that use Payband Coin (PYBC) to pay for hardware, software and all associated fees will receive up to 50% off applicable products and services.


The Lux Payband and Payband Coin (PYBC) festival and events ecosystem alone has partnered with festivals and curated events seeing over 3.5 million guests annually. The most notable is the Chicago Cubs.


Payband Coin (PYBC) is currently listed on the following exchanges for trading: StellarPort & StellarSwap.

Cross Platform Usage

Payband Coin (PYBC) may also be used for goods and services at all participating merchants, festivals and events.

Total Supply & Airdrops

A total of only 1.5B Payband Coins (PYBC) will ever be created. Our tokens will be distributed through airdrops.


Lux Payband and Payband Coin (PYBC) has partnered and curate events for 5 major food and drink festivals; Curates events for MLB teams; Curates events for NCAA Football Games.

Air Drop Ends Countdown (Days)
Total PYBC Created (B)
PYBC in Circulation (M)
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Exchanges & Wallets

Payband Coin may be bought and sold on the following exchanges. Being a Stellar Token it may be stored with all Stellar Token Wallets.